Wild DFW


Wild DFW: Explore the Amazing Nature Around Dallas-Fort Worth by Amy Martin.

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My wife and I have been reading it over coffee in the morning. It’s so well put together and we’re really impressed with how much information there is! ~ Adam Cochran, Arlington 

It was an amazing experience to work on this wonderful guide with great people from the North Texas area. Amy Martin did an excellent job creating a guide to the metroplex and outlining areas for all nature enthusiasts. ~ Justin Parker, JP Nature Photography, Celina

So many nature books either go all story mode, or field mode, with no in between. Wild DFW seems to have broken all the molds. I love how it has information, stories, and field guides, as well as chapters I was not expecting like the weather one. My mind is blown how organized and detailed this book is. Each section is laid out to where you can find a topic or topics one might have a particular interest in. I am just amazed by the quality and the aesthetic as a whole. This will help people know that there is far more than meets the eye in our corner of the world. This is a wonderful addition to any bookshelf or naturalist library. ~ Zachary Chapman, Arlington

Congratulations on such an accomplished guide and thank you from all of us nature lovers. ~ Sonnia Fajardo Hill, Ben Wheeler 

Pushing through and getting the word in print about natural spaces in DFW is truly a success. It’s not just flat urban sprawl. Congratulations! ~ Julie Collins, Fort Worth

I’m one of the photographers who contributed to this book and I was so excited to get a peek at it before it hits the stores. It is lovely and so detailed. My personal favorite part is all of the wonderful places listed that are good wildlife areas. I’ve been to many of them and the information provided was very good. I’m actually looking forward to going to the places I haven’t been. _ Tracey Fandre (via Goodreads)

Wild DFW is an awesome guide to nature in DFW. It covers the history of the land and the different ecosystems found across the Metroplex. My favorite feature is the Trinity River section which lists kayak/canoe trails. — Jennifer Hazen (via Goodreads)

 Having lived within driving distance of DFW for over sixty years I found this book one of the most unique and useful of its kind. The lakes and rivers of the adventures are integral to the regions described. The content is well laid out in easy-to-read comprehensive sections. It doesn’t have to be read in order, easy to navigate to specific sections or locations you’d want to explore. The guides, pictures and drawings are lovely and useful. The birds who live and migrate into our state are well represented in the narrative. A diverse selection of native Texas plant species is pictured and depicted, along with predators, reptiles, etc. Pertinent information about invasive non-native plants and their effect on our ecology is especially fascinating. Most of the adventure areas suggested were familiar but there is a wealth of information included that was new and fresh to me. Wish I’d had access to this type of guide back when dragging the kids around Texas. It’s the type of reference guide you will continue to use and refer to. It’s not overwrought with technical lingo, just relatable terms. It could be used repeatedly for many adventures. I would recommend purchasing and reading it to both native Texas and new transplants. — V (via Goodreads)

I really enjoyed this book! I would highly recommend that (especially) residents of the DFW area read it and see what you have been missing out on if you love nature. I found tons of places I haven’t stumbled upon in my own wanderings. Everything was listed out with details on parking/available restrooms, what to expect, plant life, beautiful hand-drawn pictures, as well as photos). I am really excited to go to some of these places myself and see if I can feel the same level of love and wonder that the author projects in her writings about them. There are suggested adventures you can do by car, foot, or watercraft. I especially liked all the information provided about the various communities and locations where you could learn in depth about specific ecosystems. The only minor complaint I can possibly dredge up is the overuse of the word ‘riparian’. In some of the earlier pages it’s used SO many times in the same paragraph/page, and while it is correct, it just stands out. — Michelle (via Goodreads)